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Introduction Of Cast & Cure Film

Issuing time:2019-11-07 10:16

1.UV cast&cure film is also called UV Casting films the substrates will be coated with suitable UV varnish on specific area or whole surface, a clear holographic BOPP film is then laminated with the substrate, pass under UV light and UV varnish is cured before separation, holographic pattern is then cast in the UV surface.

2.   UV process : Select a suitable UV varnish which is with good adhesion to the substrate but not easily stick to casting film. The surface tension of substrate should not be low, otherwise the varnish is picked out by the film, reduce the quantity of repeat usage.

3. Application of UV cast & Care film

1). Cigarette packets

2). Toothpaste boxes, wine, tea and medicine boxes

3). Christmas gift box and gift-wrapping paper

4). Cosmetics and personal-care items

5). Food and beverage

6). The industrial art, the festal handicraft

7). Various packing machinery

8). Fireworks packaging

9). Books, paintings, calendars, cards, poker and other cultural fields

10). Self-adhesive market

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